Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ripe Color

Color inspiration doesn't have to look beautiful it just has to have great color or at least color you like. For instance, look at this ripe banana. Is it a gorgeous photograph? No, not really but hey, photography is not my forte but color certainly is. Here's what you can do with “Ripe Banana”.

From the not so ripe part of the banana which is a bit on the green side to the very ripe, rich brown you see for the media room, this potassium filled color scheme is enough hue for your entire home! That is a wide range of colors!

Since choosing color for homes with open floor plans is my specialty as Color Specialist, I almost always use the lightest color for the foyer, halls, ceilings or trim.

I love to use warm colors in the kitchen such as golds, yellows or very warm greens. Since we all spend so much time in the kitchen, it's just a nice choice to have a color that will be gentle to the homeowner first thing in the morning.

In most cases, the living room is right next to the kitchen so make sure these two hues “play well” with each other.

You can get a bit more dramatic in the dining room so go darker! Keep in mind that many dining rooms have white or cream crown molding, white ceiling and maybe perhaps a white chair rail so dark and dramatic in this room is good - it you like that look.

Last but not least - the media room or man cave. I say, the darker the better here! Make it movie theater dark with dramatic hues.

The red that I highlighted here is actually from the apple. In this case, you can use this red as an accent color with ANY of these ripe colors. Do you know how many color combinations you can make here? Dozens upon dozens!!! How fun is this?

Choosing color for your home this way is perfect for the home that has an open floor plan. When you have one theme or inspiration piece, it ensures that ALL the colors will look great together no matter what combination you use.

Some designers will use various subject matters for inspiration such this design board. Here you see various objects from glasses to horses to sharks. Although the colors that Color Solutions International has pulled for this board are beautiful, one can possibly get confused if they were to choose color this way for their home. Keep in mind, CSI is in the fashion industry and color selection is different from fashion to home so the colors you wear may not be the colors you want in your home.


Having said that, if you are choosing color for your home, consider using ONE theme such as a ripe banana or your favorite meal,  dessert or even a cocktail. If you are still reluctant to choose color this way, please contact me at and I'd love to choose the perfect Color Recipe for you!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fine Dining, Fine Color

The finest wines, the best cuts of meat and the freshest seafood. Who wouldn't love that? Just about everyone I know enjoys the fine dining experience.

What is it that we love about fine dining? The flavor? The ambiance? The aroma?

The answer is yes to all those questions but there's one more detail that we probably don't realize when we dine - the colors. We eat with our eyes. If it doesn't look good, chances are we won't eat it. 

When I look at these delicious presentations, I not only see a fabulous meal but I see color schemes. Rich color, dark wood stains, accent colors to bring out architectural  features of a home, multi dimensional drapery to tie in the look and  a color palette that will tie in the clients likes and the features of the home.

Delicious food means delicious color. Wouldn't you like to see “Apple Crisp” in your kitchen? Or perhaps a “Ruth Chris Filet” in your living room?

Incorporate rich, unique color schemes into your home  - even the bathroom. These Rob Beecham bathrooms are cozy, rich and rooms you just want to spend hours in. Why? Because the towels are soft? No. Because the art is fantastic? Not so much. Why than? Because of the design and of course, the color.

You may or may not realize it but the color of a room has a huge impact on how we are going to feel in a particular room. Look at these bathrooms. The color scheme is cozy, spicy and luxurious.

This warm palette is comforting with it's yellow undertones and relaxing. Would you want to relax in this tub if the room was bright orange with yellow towels and bright blue window treatments? Not for long that's for sure.

So it's imperative to choose the RIGHT colors for your home. It's what turns a house into a home. With the millions of colors that are available to us how will you know which ones are right for you? 

I'm Donna Frasca, a Color Specialist in South Charlotte. I specialize in color schemes that are highly customized to suit you and your home. Contact me to help you choose the finest color for your home.