Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jiggly Red Color

Jello is so much fun to eat - in any form! Next time you indulge in this wiggly treat, notice the levels of color that you can see in it. From lights to darks and everything in between! Let's see how you can juggle this jiggly color scheme in your home.

Now think where you'd like to put these hot hues. In your kitchen? Bedroom? Dining Room? You can really put this color scheme anywhere but there are few factors to consider before hand.

If you put reds in the kitchen, will you be happy with starting your day with these hot hues? If so, it could be one very dramatic kitchen. You can incorporate red in your wall color, backsplash, cabinets, accessories or just window treatments but don't forget to add some of those neutrals to tone things down a bit and you'll have one gorgeous kitchen! You decide how much red you're comfortable with.


Want red in the bedroom?
Red in the bedroom is a VERY romantic choice. I think it's where I'd prefer to see this very hot hue. From bedding, pillows, wall color, lamps or wallpaper - you can really have fun in this room, with red.


Want red in the dining room?
The dining room is probably the only room in the house where I WOULDN'T put red. It's just so dated already. For years now it seems clients think they want red in the dining room - until I show them a completely different color that's so much better!

But if you really want red in the dining room, here's a way to mix it up with a neutral and a deep, dark, cherry red. Delicious!

❝Whoa! Red! Red! I want red
That's what I said! That's what I said
Gimme red, red,'cause I want red
Some like it hot, I like it red.❞

Better Midler from the song RED