Monday, July 25, 2011

Turkey Dinner for Your Walls

Pepperoni pizza, black cherry pound cake, Parmesan baked salmon, artichoke hearts – hungry?  Don’t pick up a fork just yet because; food has now become an inspiration for designer paint schemes in your home.

We all like food and I think most of us like color. Now there’s a way to combine food and color to completely transform your home. It’s called – Color Recipes. Roasted turkey and stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce. Sound like dinner? Think again. You’re not only looking at a delicious dinner but at a very beautiful color scheme that will look great in any room.

A recipe by definition, as we know it, is “cooking instructions or directions.” A Recipe for Success is basically a means or way of achieving a formula for instant success. By combining both definitions, Color Recipes becomes a way to create a color formula for an instant color scheme.

As a Color Specialist and the owner of Decorating by Donna, I’m constantly scanning through magazines looking for new color schemes. While thumbing through various home décor magazines, I noticed how beautiful the photography was in the advertisements.  Ads for soups, pasta dishes, salads, desserts, - just about anything you see in photographs, has amazing colors. Advertisers are trying to sell a product, so they have to make the photographs look their best – and they do! So good in fact, I took my paint fan deck and started pulling out the colors that were already seen in the photograph and voila! a perfect paint scheme just got “cooked” up. “It’s come to the point that whatever I look at - turns into a potential designer paint scheme for someone’s home. My office is full of magazines with color recipes just waiting to be cooked up for the homes here in Charlotte. It’s really a delicious way to work,” says Donna.

With this fun way of choosing a color scheme for your home, it’s not only affordable but it’s something the entire family can do together. How cool would it be to have a “turkey dinner” on your living room walls or a “hamburger with cheese” in the family room? Better yet, how about a “banana split” in the kids room and let them pick out the colors?

The ideal time to choose a color recipe is before you move into your home. It’s easier to paint in an empty house rather then one that is full of furniture and home accessories that will need to be moved around. For the homeowner that has been in the home for a while and just wants to update, in-home consultations are a great option. Here you will be able to choose a new color recipe that will incorporate your existing décor.

Donnas’ thoughts about color, “I can’t get over how many new homes have been built in South Charlotte. I see all these new houses with blank walls just waiting to get painted. And I want people to know that they can afford to beautify their home even when they are on a fixed budget. All you need is paint – but it has to be in the right colors.”