Monday, April 2, 2012

Goody Goody Gumdrops! Great color for a girls' room

Need to choose color for a girls room?

You've come to the right place! Todays' color inspiration - gumdrops.

When I see gumdrops, I think of gorgeous colors for a girls room. Pink, orange and yellow. There are more colors available in gumdrops but today, I'll show you how to use pink, yellow and orange to brighten up your little girls bedroom.

Here we have a typical girls bedroom. You already have a great bed set and drapery so all you need is some color suggestions. This is what I'd do in this room.

I would paint all the main walls with that gorgeous pink, let's say Benjamin Moore Royal Fuchsia and then use the yellow for the ceiling color, try California Hills, also a Benjamin Moore color.

Can you see how the drapery will pop against the fuchsia wall? And since you have a large tray ceiling, adding a substantial color there will make this room very dramatic but fun.

Now this room is a bit different. I really dislike rooms that have those dormer bumps. They are just so distracting in a room. Whoever painted this room actually did a great job. They made the entire room one color and made the bumps disappear so to speak but I'm going to do  the opposite.

Instead of trying to hide them, I'm going to highlight them with beautiful color. They're there so you might as well make them look good right?

Having said that, paint them both orange and make the main wall color pink. Try Cranberry Ice and Golden Cherry for this room. Don't want pink walls, just flip them around. 

Need help choosing color for a girls room?

Contact me in you live in South Charlotte, I'd love to help!