Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Colors to Consider. Peach and Green

Peach has gotten such a bad reputation of being very old fashioned. You really don't see that much peach or even light orange in homes today. Well, I'd like to change that!

Peach is very much like cantaloupe. Either you love it or you hate it but there's really no in-between. But like anything else, you have to be careful which peach your choose and what colors you pair up with it.

Do these two color look a bit dated? Yes, they actually do. I'm not really seeing a lot of these yellow greens in homes anymore and forget peach - that would be never. However, let's keep an open mind here for just a bit.

I'm sure by now you've hear that navy may be the hue to have this Fall. Well guess what two colors will look great with navy? You got it! Peach and green. Let's see how these colors can look in your home.

Head over to my favorite store, Crate&Barrel - they have it all figured out for you!