Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Which White Should I Use?

Pink whites, blue whites, yellow whites, green whites! Which white is best white to use when there is so many to choose from?

You would think choosing white is easy right? Sure! Just pick one, paint and you're done. But - after the paint dries you see that your “white” looks a bit green and somehow your beige carpeting looks really pink. That's because you chose the wrong white.
Sherwin Williams has some really great whites. Modest White, Simple White, Everyday White, Reliable White and the list goes on. If you look at these colors I just mentioned you'll see that they are not white at all. They are light gray, light cream or light taupe. Tricky stuff this white.

Look at the photograph of the onions I have here. They are white onions but they are not really white at all. The same goes for white paint. If you see the colors that I pulled from the onions you'll see that some are pink, yellow gray or green. The same applies with white paint and their undertones.


If you have this Dracaena Kiwi fabric by CR Laine you may want to choose a white that has a slight green undertone.


Like this Chaing Mai Indigo? Use a white that has a slight blue undertone.


Or how nice would a pinky white be with this Bristow Coral fabric?

Of course you can go to the paint store and ask for basic white and they will give you the most generic white they have but why would you want to have basic when you can have gorgeous?
Choose the white that is right for you!