Sunday, February 19, 2012

Choosing Color is not always so Black & White

Black and Whites - awesome cookies!

Color placement can be confusing. If you have a room that has an irregular shaped ceiling, will you know which part of the wall is the ceiling and which is the wall? Choosing color is not always so black and white, there's really a lot to consider.

Looking at this room, you see they've painted the “ceiling” white. Doing so, gave this room a very irregular and odd shape. Would you want to have a ceiling in this room or would you want to paint it all one color? My thoughts? Paint it all one color.

Right now the room looks very choppy. White chair rail, beige walls, white window and choppy white ceiling. If you paint this room all one color the focus will now be on the window and chair rail instead of the awkwardly shaped ceiling. The focus would NOT be on the odd ceiling but be more focused on the beautiful color. 

So you see, color placement is not just to highlight and make the room look beautiful but it is also to camouflage the “not so pretty” features of the room. 

I could just see this room in a real soft blue - like Tradewind by Sherwin Williams - even on the ceiling.

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