Sunday, February 5, 2012

What's the best Super Bowl Snack?

Anything with avocados!

And you guessed it, green is also one of the best color choices for your home. Green is versatile, warm (go with the yellow undertones) and goes with so many colors that are already in your home.

The three paint colors that I have here are beautiful together and the last one is actually a very, very dark green, not black.

Going back to the best snacks for super bowl, where would you put these colors? You guessed it, in the Man Cave! That was a little obvious though wasn't it?

If I were painting my home, I'd consider these colors for the master bedroom. Green, as you know, is a very relaxing and calming color which makes it the perfect color choice for a bedroom.

Now what paint brand would I use? This is where it gets complicated. There are several paint companies with various levels of quality and pricing, like anything else. 

For my home, I'd want the best paint in a reasonable price range. Of course we know that Benjamin Moore Aura is probably the best paint you can buy - and this is stated in this month Consumer Reports on their Paint Buying Guide depending on the sheen you want. I'd want to paint once, in a great color of course, and be confident that my color won't fade over the few years.

Behr is also rated very highly. I happen to have Behr paint in my home and love it. The only reason I want to repaint after only 5 years is because I want to change out the color - after all, I'm a Color and Paint Specialist so I get inspired to try out the latest color trends in my own home.

So I'm sorry I can't really help you with you super bowl snacks but I can help you with color for your home. I specialize in just color - for large homes that have open floor plans. Live in South Charlotte? You're in luck, that's my color stomping grounds. 

I have many clients in Marvin, Wesley Chapel, Ballantye and Waxhaw. Ask your neighbors - I may have visited them or you can just contact me here at

Enjoy the game, your snacks and of course … your color!

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