Sunday, May 13, 2012

Color doesn't have to be perfect

We all know that nothing in life is perfect. Like this cupcake. It looks great but the fact that the icing is slipping off will really bother some people. In the long run, the cupcake still tastes good no matter what it looks like.

My point is that not every color scheme is perfect. Even some of the palettes my Designer friends create can leave me with a question or two. Do those two colors really go together? Are you still using sage green in your designs? Oh no! Not another red dining room! 

Having said that - how do you find the perfect color scheme? And once you find it, how will you know that you chose the right colors for your home?

So what is perfect color anyway?


maybe …


perhaps …


could be!

Some people may look at the color scheme from the grapes and hate it or say that the light blue really doesn't relate to the rest of the color scheme.

And in the sea shell color scheme, people may say that peach is too 80's and they don't want it in their home. Maybe.

Look at those really bright colors in the butterfly pin palette! Who would want those colors in their home? You'd be surprised!

What I'm trying to point out here is this. This is no perfect color scheme! There are color palettes that I like and are pretty darn breathtaking but will YOU like them? Probably not.

Just keep in mind that color doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be colors that you love or that you'd want to see in your home. 

When it comes to choosing color for your home, don't worry about what the Jone's think. Be creative, choose colors that are unique - not dated. Personally, I'd rather see someone have a odd color in their home than the typical or dated colors that everyone else has.

If you really get stuck or don't feel comfortable choosing the perfect color scheme for your home, I can help you! Either way, look through magazines and even my blog to be inspired to get the perfect color for you!