Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Penne For Your Thoughts!

“Penny for your thoughts. What are you thinking about?”

I can say this, if you somehow arrived at this blog, you may have a thought or two about color or painting your home.

Thinking about …

  • I'm thinking about paining my foyer. 
  • My son has left for college and I think I'd like to paint his room.
  • We are having a baby girl. I think I'd like a pink - not sure.
  • I wonder if I should paint the exterior of my house.
  • I think I'd like a red door.
  • Sure would love a red kitchen but I wonder if it'll look good.
  • My halls are so dark. I'm sure there's a color that will brighten them up.
  • I know I should use a really good paint but some are just more affordable.
  • Beige is ok, I think.
  • I love peach but not sure if I'll like it two months from now.
  • Yellow may be too bright for my sunny room.
  • Gray is just so depressing. Maybe I should use something else.
  • I'd really love a red front door - or green or blue.

Like anything else before we start a huge project or really any project, there is a lot to consider. If you're are thinking about choosing color for your home I have some suggestions for you.

Start with choosing a color or color palette that you love. I have a photograph here of penne pasta. The colors I pulled from it are warm colors. Do you like these colors? Chances are, if you see a photograph that you like, you like the colors that are in it as well.

I know that sounds really silly but it's so simple that it DOES sound silly. So take the photograph that you love and start thinking about the colors that are in it. The first color in the penne pasta palette is a very pale yellow. Where can you put that color in your home? In the foyer!

Foyers usually encompass a large part of our home, possible a two story foyer, and it may include or spill into the hallways. This is a great place to put a light, neutral color.

Yellow.  Be careful with this one! Limit this color to rooms that don't get that much sun, a playroom, a kids bathroom or a nursery.

Spicy Orange. Anywhere!!! Well, not really but you can put this color just about anywhere in your home from the kitchen right down to the Man Cave.

Choose color you love and bring it into your home! Don't forget to frame your inspiration piece to :-)