Friday, January 17, 2014

Color Is Just Like a Cheese Platter

Sometimes color is neutral like a Swiss, sharp like a Cheddar or just too saturated like a processed Velveeta. You can have a nice juicy pop of green like a grape or add strong accent colors to tie in and coordinate with other colors in your home. 

Color for your home needs to have a balance of just the right combination of light, dark, accent and neutral colors to make a really nice platter, I mean palette.

Want green to be the feature color in your home? Which green do you like? 

Mint green?

Yellow green?

Never avocado green!!

Or soft greens that work well with other colors?

Choose the colors you feel are welcoming!

Choose a color for your kitchen that you really love. A color that you can start your day with and enjoy that first cup of coffee in.

I know it gets confusing and there are millions of colors to choose from. Just continue to use food as a guide for a color palette for your home. Not only will you design a great Color Recipe for your home but you also get to eat the props :-)