Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beans Are More Than Just Good for Your Heart

They make a great color scheme for your home too!

How unique are these colors? I just love them and I must say, it made a tasty lunch as well. Can't I ever just enjoy a meal without looking at it like a color scheme? No. So let's talk color.

This color scheme graduates from pale yellows to deep rich purples. Do you know what a broad spectrum of color that is? This particular Color Recipe is perfect for the person who wants to do something different with color for their home and won't be afraid to use it. Here's how I'd place these hues:

The foyer or entrance way would be the lightest color in the recipe which would be the beige color on the left. Since the room above is right off the foyer, the beige should be incorporated into this room so it relates to the foyer. Adding the darker red as an accent brings a little color punch to the otherwise hum drum beige.

Here's what you can do with the rest of the Color Recipe.

PAINTING TIP: You're going to need a tinted primer when working with dark colors. This will help reduce the coats of paint you'll need to get the color right. I've worked with dark reds before and used up to 5 coats of paint when I didn't use a tinted primer (back in the day). With a primer, 2 heavy coats will probably suffice if you're using a high quality paint.