Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lemon Yellows to Pucker Your Home

My cheeks are puckering just looking at these cookies from Women's Day Magazine. The monotone hues will have an all around warm, universal feeling. 

Where to use this Color Recipe?
From light to dark, you can use this Color Recipe for a kitchen and living room. I think yellow and golds are a great place for the kitchen. It's a cheery color to see first thing in the morning and a great way to start your day!

A small kitchen is perfect for a monotone color scheme. The overall yellow hues will give it the feeling of one larger space instead of breaking it up with various colors. It'll work nicely especially with an open floor plan where one space flows into the other.

This living room should also have yellow in it but only as an accent. Too much yellow is just, well too much. Use the green that is shown in the cookie dish for the main color of this room and use that bold yellow for an accent on the mantle. 

PAINTING TIP: You'll have to sand and prime the mantle then paint with an oil primer such as Kilz. The mantle should be painted in a semi gloss sheen,

In the perfect world I would get rid of the tile in the kitchen and the carpet in the living room. Changing the flooring to a bamboo or a light wood like I've shown above will really make this small home appear much larger - and prettier!