Saturday, June 11, 2011


Welcome to my first Color Recipe! Well not MY first but the first for this blog. Here I'll have many Color Recipes or culinary inspirations, for you to refer to if you need help choosing color for your home.

Below I'll talk a bit about the recipe and then suggest how to use it in your home. This is such a fun and easy way to choose color but warning, you may gain a few pounds if you follow this blog regularly. The pictures will be delicious and sure to make you hungry!

Photography from Mowie Kay

Cupcakes come in all colors but these cute little delectables are baked up in pastels. Pastels by the way, are the perfect Color Recipe consideration for girls ~ of all ages.

The great thing about choosing color this way is that you can mix and match these hues throughout the room, or home, and they'd all look great together. You just need to know where to place the colors for the best possible result.

Where would this Color Recipe look best?

As I mentioned before, these pastels would look best in a girls room. If you look at the color palette you'll see a nice, creamy beige. It's similar to Jersey Cream, which is a Sherwin Williams color. You can use Jersey Cream as your main wall color choice and any of the other colors as accents. That's a lot of color combinations to choose from!

Here's one that I like. I'd use Jersey Cream as the main wall color, Persimmon as the accent color where my headboard would be and I'd use the blue in accessories such as throw pillows, drapery and bedding. Adding a dose of blue to the palette just keeps the room from looking  too “girly”.

Now, referring back to the Cupcake Color Recipe, do you see the two darker colors right below the photograph? That's where I'll be placing the accent colors. Accent colors will be the darkest hues in the palette and can be used to represent furniture, flooring or accessory choices.

The darker colors are usually just the “shadows” in the photo but still represent an important role in the Recipe. It's similar to writing an essay. You need a beginning, middle and end. Same goes for a Color Recipe, you need light colors, medium colors and dark colors to complete the “story”. 

Keeping these key elements in mind are crucial when choosing color for your home this way. It's a great way to be innovative with color, use the colors you like because you'll have the photograph of your choice and now you have a guide as to how to place your colors.

If you need some advice or help with your Color Recipe, there are links on my main website that are available for you to schedule a color consultation. Meanwhile, bon appétit!