Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Are you Afraid of Orange?

Photo by Taylor Mathis (not including color chips)

Orange is so bright. I wouldn't know how to use it.
What room will orange look good in?
What is the best orange to use?
Is orange a popular color?
Should I use orange on all walls or just as an accent color?
What rhymes with orange?

Minus the last question, these are all legitimate questions and concerns when it comes to orange. It's a tough color to use and a lot of people are not sure how.

I always say, 
“If you're hesitant about a color, start off by using it just as an accessory in your home then work up to an accent wall and it you are crazy about it, use it as your main wall color. Baby steps are key when it comes to exploring a new color in your home.”

Where can you use orange in your home?

Wherever you want to of course! As with any color though, there are a few things you need to think about before you choose any color for your  home. For instance:

Exposure … Orange is a bright, warm hue. Be careful when putting orange in a room that already has a lot of sunlight. It will glow. A low lit or Northern exposure room may be just right for it.

Energy … and orange has lots of it! Perhaps it would be a good choice in a child's room, playroom or even a kids bathroom. 

Kitchen … It may be a bit too much first thing in the morning if you have it in the kitchen. Be especially careful if you have the dreaded “orange kitchen cabinets.” There will certainly be orange overload in this case.

I would NOT use orange if you have these cabinets.

Orange will look great with contrasting cabinetry. 

Here's how to use orange in the rest of your home.

Using the juicy Clementines as inspiration for your home, I would use the lightest tint of orange for your main foyer area. This way, you can put a pop of color in your dining room and you would have a great contrast.

I would certainly keep the bright color on the bottom of the chair rail and bring in more accents as seen in this Schumacher fabric for the drapery and seat coverings. That would be a very striking room!

Orange you glad you know about orange now?