Thursday, September 1, 2011

Can You Have Too Much Blue in Your Room?

Photo of cake by Martha

If you really, really love blue, the question is, “Can you have too much blue in your home?” Probably. Even though there are millions of blue hue's out there, do you really need to have all of them in your home? You can if you wan to, it's your home after all but here's a few suggestions on how to break it up - just a bit.

Blue has been a very popular color since 2009. It really started out in 2007 here in Charlotte as purple but evolved into the softer spa like blues of the coast. 

Let me detail how you can incorporate blue 
into the main part of your home - the living room.

Using that delicious cake as a delectable inspiration, the main focus will be blue but I'll certainly change it up by adding light blue (B) as the main wall color, gray blue (A) as an accent for the recessed area's and navy (C) and the secondary accent color on the columns to give the rooms some division.

I would most certainly use a neutral color for the foyer entrance, lower hallways and upstairs halls. Can you picture how striking this will look as a backdrop to that navy? You do have the option to add this neutral to the mantle to soften the look a bit.


I'd love to see a stronger color in the center of the room with just a hint of gold in the fabric. You can also see green in the fabric. That will tie in the green that should be in the area rug.

So when you're using blue in your home, make sure you use a variation of the color you love. Just like you see in the cakes from light blue to navy and even incorporate the other colors in the photo. It all adds up to one delicious color palette.

Contact me, Donna Frasca, a Color Consultant in South Charlotte, to schedule an appointment with you if you'd like to see these blue hue's in your home.