Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chocolate Lovers' Series: Introduction

Who doesn't love chocolate and color? I'm about to show you a very seductive way to get color into your home and chocolate is going to be the main ingredient.

We are about to embark on a delicious journey into color. This is the start of my Chocolate Lovers Series which will include postings on color of course but also how a very specific color can be the “bitter sweet” ingredient to beautify your home. What color am I talking about? It's brown of course!

When we think of chocolate, the color that first comes to mind is brown. Brown is the perfect foundation to start any color scheme for your home and it's not necessarily a paint color I'm referring to. You can start with a brown carpet, dark, rich wood flooring, a deep brown field tile or even accessories in your home. But, it's how you use OTHER colors in conjunction with brown that will make this “feel good” color surprise you.

So get those serotonin levels pumping because if your not excited about brown now, you certainly will be by the time this series is complete.

Chocolate Chip Mint Color
Peanut Butter Cup Color
Peppermint Patty Color

* this series will be featuring the colors of Sherwin Williams. All the colors that will be mentioned here will have a name and number so you can easily get the look for your home. Any questions, just let me know here on this blog and I'll love to help you out.