Monday, October 10, 2011

How To Work With Bright Color

How do I use bright color?

I was looking at this picture and was wondering how to incorporate these peppers into a color scheme for the home. 

If you have a strong color you love by all means use it but just as accessories to start. I was thinking if it were used as wall color, it may be a bit too much. Here's what I've found in the very colorful Crate & Barrel store:

Like strong color? 
Try it on bedding and sleep on it. You can decide in the morning if you like it.

For a small splash of color, small accessories are perfect for big color choices.

Getting a little more daring with a curtain of color!

Subtle bits of color really soaks up the look!

Look at all this fabulous color I found in about 5 seconds flat! That's the thing I love about Crate & Barrel. You can find amazing color without getting gaudy or tacky. Sometimes it's hard to combine the two.

Now getting back to bright color. We may love the color but sometimes, even for me, the color may be just too bright. So when you find a color you love, where is the best place to put it? Will you tire of it in the bedroom? Can a color this bright be relaxing enough for a bedroom?

I'm not sure if I'd put a hue this bright in a bedroom  - at least not for a main wall color. However, look how nice it is just on the bedding and even in the rug. I suppose if you're a teen girl this would be perfect but for the most part, a more subdued color would be best.

So to recap, if you like a really bold color and you're not sure where to put it, take it in baby steps, one step at a time and in small doses until you feel comfortable with it.