Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Want Color To PoP (Tart)!

I'm sure you've heard people say, “I want a color that pops!” and I'm sure you've said it a thousand times yourself. I know I have. So what exactly happens when color “pops”? Let's talk.

Color that pops is just referring to a visual and not a sound of course. Pop is just when you can see a high contrast between two colors and this can be seen in my Peppermint Patty post on dark brown and white.

Looking at the Pop Tart, the prop of choice today, you can see some neutral tans and a navy. So where's the pop? The pop comes in when you add white. See the high contrast? It's almost like looking at black and white.

So how do you work these contrasting colors in your home? Easy! If you're working with a dark color such as the red seen in this picture, make sure you have a bright white ceiling, white columns, trim or chair rail and there you'll get your “pop” of color.



Now this is a nice example. Here you have a black wall next to white which of course will pop but look at the bright green door? Is that a dark color? No. So here you have it - not only will dark colors pop with white but bright bold colors will also.

Hope you enjoyed a little information on color that pops. If you need help with your popping colors, I'd be happy to help. Donna Frasca, Color Specialist in Charlotte.