Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lettuce Embrace Color!

From healthy food choices to choosing the 
RIGHT colors for your home, you can find it all here!

You've found a unique color combination that you absolutely love, but how are you going to get these colors in your home?

There's somewhat of a recipe or formula that I follow and for the most part, it works but like design, everything is customized to your home and it may not work. For the most part, this is what I do.

The homes in South Charlotte are large and usually have two story, open floor plan foyers. You have to be really careful choosing color here because the color will be seen in BOTH the top and bottom part of your home which means, the colors in the rest of your home should coordinate with the foyer. Having said that, a neutral is always a good choice here - but - it doesn't have to be!

I've blogged oodles of times about foyers but it doesn't hurt to be redundant as long as you know that you should try to choose a neutral here and keep the exciting colors for the rest of the home.

Once you choose your foyer color, the rest of the home is based off that hue. Remember to keep your undertones in the same family.

Here's a sample of a color palette where the foyer starts off light, soft and very neutral. The rest of the home follows.

Here the foyer color has a little more pigment therefor the rest of the surrounding rooms can be stronger as well.

What if you want you foyer to have a little more color to it? Instead of being neutral, have a color lead the palette for the rest of your home.

So embrace your color - but make sure it's the RIGHT color!