Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From Tangerine Tango to Kiwi Fruit

By now you should see the Color Trend for 2012, Tangerine Tango popping up in posts, stores and all over cyber space. What if you don't like Tangerine Tango or any orange hue for that matter? How can you keep your home trendy without it looking like circus colors or too childlike?

Here is a perfect example of how you can get the colors you love in your home, lets say the green and brown and still have a splash of trendy fun with orange.

Crate & Barrel

Use green and purple in throw pillows.

If you really love Tangerine Tango be daring and use in it in your sofa color. 
Be careful though, the sofa will outlast the color trend!

Brown will always be a core color to have in your home. When choosing a color for your bedding, I'd stick to a mainstream color such as a brown, gray, beige - some type of neutral - and then add a pop of trend with your pillows.

Still too afraid of bright bold color? 

Interesting … Crate & Barrel had all these amazing colors before Tangerine Tango was announced by Pantone. If you read the blog post I wrote on Crate & Barrel (see link below) you'll see gorgeous color that can be used in our home and quite frankly, I wouldn't mind wearing those colors either. Hint, Hint, Pantone - keep a close eye on Crate & Barrel.

All these accessories can be found in Crate & Barrel.

I can help you get this colors in your home.