Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tangerine Tango and What?

Yes this is an unusual color combination but that's ok - when everyone else will be choosing the typical blues or greens with Tangerine Tango - you won't!

Tangerine Tango is a great color but I'm finding that people are reluctant to bring it into their home - after all - it's a very bright color!

So what exactly can you do with this very popular hue? Here are some suggestions from the Color Story paint deck of Benjamin Moore.

Go for the gold!

Keep furniture in mind when you're trying to bring color into your home. Here's great leather sofa that has the deep red color of Bewitched - a strong spellbinding color.

So you see, even though Tangerine Tango may be a bit 'out there' as far as color for our home, we certain can make it doable and bring other colors in with it.

I'm so happy to now see these stronger, saturated colors coming in. Coastal colors have been popular for so long now here in South Charlotte and it's just nice to see people taking a stance in color. Don't be afraid of color … embrace it!

Donna Frasca
Benjamin Moore Color Expert
(loving the new Color Story collection)